Scalp Pigmentation



An Instant Life Changing Solution To Hair Loss


Scalp pigmentation is a treatment using a micro needle to tattoo very small dots onto the scalp to give the look of a hair folicle, this is ideal for men who are receding and losing hair in areas, you will see instant results after the first treatment.  Scalp pigmentation is a very natural look where pigment is implanted into the skin to give the look of a hair folicle, the build up of follicles will happen over a few treatments with healing time in between sessions which is  normally between one and four weeks healing time.


After your initial consultation we can decide how many treatments you will need, this will vary on how much hair loss you have.  On average it will be 3 treatments and each treatment is a cost of £500.




For the first week you are to take very good care of your scalp, you can not get the area wet or do any activities which will cause you to perspire, no chemicals eg shampoo’s or gels are to be used, no hats are to be worn.  The area will look slightly red after but this will only last for 24 hours, the skin is broken during treatment so you will need to avoid touching the area and treat it with sterility after the treatment.


If you have any further questions or would like to book a consultation please contact Kelly on 07557685627 or 02380 486803